About Us

Founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2003, Ege Tekstil Dıs. Tic. Ltd. Sti provides service with its experience in the textile/fashion sector as a supplier of woven greige fabrics. Within a short time period the company managed to become one of the biggest suppliers of the market.

As Ege Tekstil we are sourcing textile raw materials such as greige/pfd/pfp fabrics from almost all parts of the world, especially from Far Eastern countries (Indonesia, China, Korea Pakistan,Vietnam) to offer good quality items.

Also we are producing greige fabric in Turkish domestic mills Coton and Viscose items such as Poplin/Satin/Gabardin and Voile. Our stock average in 2018 was around 5.000.000 meter of different 50 qualities.

The main principles of our company are:

– Satisfied customer,

-Providing appropriate price and quality assurance,

– Innovative perspective and result oriented,

-Following new trends,

– Fast delivery,

– Fulfilling customer demands on time,

For more information request and orders, you can contact us with our e-mail address: info@egetekstilmerter.com or visit our company at the address specified in the contact section.